STEP 3 – Meeting with and RPL Advisor


The next step is for the learner to arrange a meeting and consultation with an RPL advisor from the education provider they are applying to. At this stage, learners will receive advice and support to guide them in preparing the evidence required by the individual education provider.

The individual institution can request a range of different types of evidence to support the learner’s RPL application, including:

  • samples, photographs or videos of your work
  • a practical "on the job" assessment by a previous supervisor
  • answers to questions in an interview
  • a simulation of a work activity
  • letters from your employers
  • performance management reports
  • copies of documents you have completed at work
  • certificates
  • any other evidence that is valid, sufficient, authentic and current


Preliminary actions:

  • Learners should be prepared to discuss their experience/prior learning with the RPL advisor.

Documents/ forms:

  • learners will be given a list of required evidence to support their application to have their prior learning recognised.

Reference links

The following websites are useful for learners seeking RPL: